Newburgh Hook Elite’s “International Gloves Up Guns Down Box Cup” Tournament was a huge success

On October 25th Newburgh Hook Elite boxing hosted the “International Box Cup” tournament at the Newburgh Armory in attendance were fighters representing USA, Ireland, UK, Poland, Canada and Denmark.

All the fighters on the card did a great job as did the officials from USA boxing that attended. There were a total of  one hundred fighters who entered the tournament, with forty five bouts or sparring exhibitions for those fighters not matched up against opponents.

We also had former world champions Sonya “The Scholar” Lamonakis and “Downtown” Leona Brown in attendance supporting the event.

The following clubs from the United States, Canada and Europe were in attendance

Representing team United States-

NHE BOXING EDIT WIX.jpg Newburgh Hook Elite

“Hittaz Boxing Club” Albany Tyshaun Goldston wins best coach from USA

ERNE GUGD Representing Team Ireland- Erne Boxing Club who also won the International Box-cup

irish gloves Also representing Ireland would be the “Olympic Boxing Club” out of  Mullingar and “Loughshore A.B.C” out of Loughshore


Shawn Crowley from Ireland’s Erne Boxing wins best European coach

Ernes Shawn Crowley

Representing team United Kingdom-

rmfrd 2 “Romford Hammers” Romford

rmfrd “Newham Boxing Club” West Ham

Representing Canada would be Lucas Cranston

Representing Poland would be Joanna Czerwinska

Bst female Cecila Koella def Ruby Scott  Representing Denmark would be Cecila Koella (Red) who also won best female boxer of the event.

Ramir Walker Raimier Walker out of “Heavy Hitters Boxing Club” was presented with Best US Boxer after scoring two wins over an Irish national champion.

Alfie Jordan bst euro boxer Alfie Jordan out of the “Olympic Boxing Club” was presented with Best European Boxer, after scoring three straight wins.

Best Boxer Tim Olla Tim Olla out of Romford wins Best Boxer of the tournament with two stoppage wins over Europe and USA

All teams and fighters involved not only put on a tremendous effort but had a great time

Erne Boxing club
Members of the Irish Team showing off their new Tommy Hilfiger gear
Dean Sculion Ayo Barek
Heavyweights Dean Scullion out of Ireland and Ayo Barek out of the UK fight for the distance Scullion wins a UD
Europe Coach Tyrell Simon
Newburgh Hook Elite fighter Tyrell Simon poses with one of Erne Boxing’s coaches and the International Cup


DTLB UK boxer
Downtown Leona Brown poses with European fighters showing off her belts

E williams NHE Harris Crowley Ireland Newburgh Hook Elites Elijah Williams poses with Ireland’s Harris Crowley


Lb R St A Nln Andy Whthall
Leona Brown poses with Coach Andy Whitehall and fighters Ruby Scott and Amy Nolan all out of Right Stuff boxing
Irish Coaches and officials
Irish Coaches and officials posing with the “Box-Cup”
Daxx Sonya
Former two time world champion and USA Boxing Metro official Sonya “The Scholar” Lamonakis poses with Daxx Kahn World Boxing Federation US Official and “Talkin Boxing with Billy C TV & Radio Show” analysts who was ring announcer for the event
Jasir Jur Paddy Mooney
Jasir Jr out of Newburgh Hook Elite takes on Ireland’s Paddy Mooney
LL Emmanul Jones
Leonard Lee head of Newburgh Hook Elite Boxing wraps the hands of Emmanuel Jones before his bout against Tim Olla
Closing ceramony GUGN 2019
Group Photo of coaches and award winners during the closing ceremony

Special thanks were awarded to Bill Kaplan of the Kaplan Foundation for their continued support with “Newburgh Hook Elite”. The Newburgh Armory venues host Jimmy O’Donnell and family did an amazing job at not only preparing the venue but providing refreshments during the event.

Without time and dedication of Max Cuacuas who was also present and led pre-event prayer for safety of all involved, USA boxing officials Sonya Lamonakis, Darryl Bettie, Paul Brown, Lou Cedella, Marty Steinhilber, Tim Silva, Gary McGillion, Sue Winslow, Brad Winslow, Pat McNamee and Ringside Physician Dr. Rufus Sadler this event would of not been able to happen

This event most importantly the message behind the event was spectacular, the fact these teams were able to join together without assistance from law enforcement or politicians speaks volumes.  In future years I look forward to attending the event and seeing its message spread not only in our community but all communities around the world.





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